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Many thanks to the readers who have very kindly said the following:


Hi Steve, As an avid racing fan, just a quick mail to say what a great website, have spent many years reading material such as Alan Potts, Nick Mordin etc. and just thought Id drop you a quick mail to say what a well researched site you have. The pearls of wisdom are great reading. Alan


I've got to say that your website is probably the best, most informative site Iíve ever seen.

I'm not much of a horse man but after flicking through various sites just to see if there was any formulas, I somehow ended up on yours, and Iíve just got to say I've probably been looking at it for the last 3 hours. Excellent top marks mate. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. Chris


Hi Steve, I have just discovered your site and must say I am very impressed. I have had a quick look and it seems to be full of useful information aimed at helping the punter. I have been betting for sometime but without given much thought to methods etc. I will be using your site to try and achieve profit - fewer bets seem to be a good starting point. Nice to see someone doing something for nothing - well almost. Good work thanks. Phil


All my life Iíve been chasing rainbows. Decided to have a look at this message board and then on to cdsystems. What a site. Only been studying it for a few weeks. Yet I am so much wiser and richer. These guys on cdsystems are real pros. The money I have made on baseball as a result plus a wad on their horse tips. Most important though is that the site has taught me how to go about selecting bets with a chance. How to get value etc.
Thirty minutes studying their site can change your gambling life no end. Go have look for yourself. Devotee. Posted on message board


Hi Steve; Congrats on a brilliant month, I didn't back them all but I've had a nice time with a lot of them, thank you, cheques in the post for Monday best wishes Ken


If you follow the instructions and tips of this pro, you will make money. £100 a bet yields over £20k tax free p.a. Kit, posted on message board


I think your web service is really good. I'm also calling you on the value added line, so I'm adding some revenue for you too. You are obviously from Lancs somewhere, so from one Lancastrian to another I just thought I'd say what I thought. Regards, Mike


I run The Perfect Tip tipping service but I always check CD's website to see how they are doing. The reason? This website runs very similar to mine, whatever the result, win or lose, it is published promptly. No frills or graces and, most important, honesty. Rating 10 out of 10. Best wishes for the future. Dave, posted on message board


What a great bit of tipping you are different class cheers Steve. The bets are working well I love your info. Mark


Excellent betting site, best I have seen yet, very professional. Lesley


Steve, Congratulations on the 1st winner at Ascot. Great tipping.
Spoken to loads of people today and perused loads of websites and yours was the only one tipping the winner! I have taken a few others of your selections so I hope they are all as strong as the 1st!
Keep up the good work. I check on your site daily and you have made my day many times. Regards,


Hi Steve, Have followed your selections for this month very impressed. Many thanks, Gary


Steve, Whatever you're doing... keep it up!
Cheers, Mark


Looking forward to a very prosperous future. Many thanks, and congratulations on amazing tipping. Can't fault you.

With Best Regards, M


cdsystems: Fantastic site offering numerous tips daily via different selection formats. Independent review


Hi Steve, A friend told me about your site. Having spent a good two hours going through it, I just had to email you and say -- it's brilliant!
I especially appreciate the Systems Archive. At long last, I believe it will help me make a profit! Very, very many thanks. Nigel


I have been scrutinising your systems pages on and off for several weeks now. I finally decided to take the plunge upon one of your simpler systems, (i.e. last time out winners returning quickly under a penalty). So far I am two out of two with this simple system.
Many thanks. Regards, H


There would seem to be a lot of punters who only think a tip is good if they pay for it. Right all who think that way here is a blinding offer. After one month of successful punting you send me £100. Only condition is you do not tell Steve J or anyone else about this offer. Selections can be found on the Steve J site, under sport, if you want to proof previous selections go to sports results Look for the ones in red. I think you will agree that this is the most consistent tipping you have ever saw. Please keep it quiet and donít forget to send me the dues after one month. HD. Posted on message board


I've been reading this message board for about a month or so now and Iím sure a lot of you will deny it, but I find it difficult to believe that many of you make any long term profits from horseracing. I agree with what most of you say about paid tipsters, most of who are just rank amateurs. Having said that I don't think many real professionals would give out their info for free.

SteveJ from the excellent CD site and the racing post tipsters (who are paid a fortune to provide their info and if they didn't work for the post they'd charge for it) are the only free sites Iíve come across on the internet that are worth considering, but if you follow most of the free tipsters like those that promote themselves on this message board and advise all kinds of bets every day then you've got no chance! Sure I can appreciate that these guys are trying their best and whatever but advising all kinds of bets every day is irresponsible and unprofessional.

I've been in racing a long time (over 30 years) and work for a very professional internet tipping service (that I won't mention because you'll accuse me of touting for business) and can assure you that the amount of time and money you need to be successful in this game will mean you have to pay if you want it. The problem is that there are so few people that are any good at this game that it's difficult to find. They do exist, but out of the 150 or so that are monitored each year only a handful are any good in the long run. Besides, most of the real pros don't proof their bets. If you were a successful pro would you proof your bets to some organisation just so they can leek and relay the info? I don't think so!

Hope this helps, M.B. Posted on message board


What a great move to go to the Daily Bargain, you really are hitting top form. I find your summaries top draw. Keep up the great work, fantastic tipping. Mark


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Sun 14 Jul


Buy Some Time

Won 13/2 to 4/1

Sat 13 Jul

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Aalto (nb)

Won 11/1 to 15/2

at 13 Jul



Won 2/1(r4) to 5/4

Wed 10 Jul

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Won 11/1 to 5/1

Tue 9 Jul

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Room Service (nb)

Won 9/2(r4) to 2/1

Mon 8 Jul

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Garden Oasis (nb)

Won 7/2 to 11/8

Sun 7 Jul

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The Thames Boatman

Won 13/2 to 11/2

Sat 29 Jun

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Alphonse Le G'de (nb)

Won 3/1

Mon 24 Jun


So Obsessed

Won 15/8(r4) to 7/5

Mon 24 Jun

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Woolhampton (nb)

Won 11/2(r4) (SP 11/1)

Sun 23 Jun


Forceful Speed

Won 9/2(r4) to 13/8

Thu 20 Jun



Won 6/5 to 11/10

Mon 17 Jun

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Salvuccio (nb)

Won 9/2(r4) (SP 11/2)

Sun 16 Jun

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Mereside Diva (nb)

Won 7/2 to 11/4

Sat 15 Jun



Won 10/3(r4) to 3/1

Fri 14 Jun



Won 2/1 to 11/8

Thu 13 Jun


Great Blasket

Won 9/4 (SP 3/1)

Tue 11 Jun

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Regal Envoy (nb)

Won 4/1 to 11/4

Sun 9 Jun


King Of Conquest

Won 6/4 to 11/10

Sat 8 Jun

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Billyb (nb)

Won 10/1(r4) to 9/4

Wed 5 Jun



Won 10/3 to 5/4

Tue 4 Jun

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Metabolt (nb)

Won 7/2 to 3/1

+ Mitrosonfire

2nd(hd) 12/1 to 8/1

Exacta: £21.00

Mon 3 Jun

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Won 10/1(r4) to 7/2

Sat 1 Jun

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Dream Composer

Won 12/1 to 6/1

Fri 31 May

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Won 10/1 to 9/1

Thu 30 May

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Won 11/2 (SP 11/1)

Wed 29 May


City Derby

Won 5/2(r4) to 8/15

Tue 28 May

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Crimson Road (nb)

Won 7/2(r4) to 9/4

Mon 27 May


Dakota Gold

Won 6/4 to 5/4

Sun 26 May


White Birch

Won 7/2 to 15/8

Sat 25 May

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Divine Comedy

Won 8/1 to 3/1

Wed 22 May



Won 3/1 to 11/8

Tue 21 May

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Better Be Definite (nb)

Won 9/4 to 13/8